About Renee


I started painting when my children were in preschool. Inspired by the spontaneity of children’s creative process, I put down my brush and began painting with my hands and collaging yarn, glass and stone into my work. I love bright colors, bold lines and energetic shapes that evoke joy and a sense of movement or life force.

I have many painted murals and tile mosaics in the Sunset District of San Francisco and have been known to knit yarn bombs on local trees and telephone poles.

I consider myself a practical mystic. My hope is to inspire people to grow in awareness and expression of their unique, individual self. This hope infuses all aspects of my life; work, family, service and art.

I live and work in the Sunset District of San Francisco with my husband, two children and two yellow dogs. I divide my time between my private hypnotherapy practice, teaching art to children, writing books on personal and spiritual growth and doing my own artwork nights and weekends.

I love to collaborate with clients and other artists. If you have a creative idea, would like to commission a painting, mural or tile mosaic or you are a photographer, poet, musician or actor/model who would like to discuss creative collaboration, please contact me through the form below.

Most of the paintings on this website are for sale. If you would like to purchase or commission a piece, please contact me at 415.672.4992.

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