Time / by renee mckenna

Restless sleep filled with dreams I can't remember 

Time rushes by like a businessman downtown

Unaware of my need for connection, direction

Never looking up from his phone while he takes long, deliberate strides across the street.

I wonder where you're going,  Mr Time. 

Don't stop for no one, not even me. 

Can it be? Year 53?

Restless sleep interrupted. Dreamt I was flying, then I was falling, a baby dying, my mother callin. 

Mr.Time, take your time. I need more time, slow time, no time. 

For quietness

And listening, so I can hear the voice within. 

Mr.Time, you seem to slow, put down your phone and take some notice. 

I feel my direction, my connection and you see me,  

I feel you see me

And time is now my friend that has no end. 

No time.