Renee McKenna Painting - Squarespace / by renee mckenna

I am a cloud

Blowing before the moon

A reflection 

Of a reflection 

A child of the Universe

Illuminated for no reason

But joy

I am a star

Tiny and bright among millions

My light

Is my gift to Creation

Revealing my intensity and fearlessness 

With passionate intention 

Unto death 

I am a Redwood

Ancient and wise

My roots are deep and strong

I reach, like a temple, toward the sun.

A living bridge between heaven and earth

Lean against my knarley, soft bark

And smell the sweetness 

Of my breath

I am a woman

With an open heart

Mother, Lover, healer, friend 

I walk slowly through the trees

Under moon and cloud

Sun and star

Inspired by them all

And grateful 

To be fully alive

At last.