Who Am I Really? / by renee mckenna

Who am I?

I am not my body

Or even my personality

I put these on like clothes

They fall away

But I am not naked 

Because there is no form

Under my ego

My stories

My drama

And experiences

Are interesting

But they are not me

Who am I?

Sitting in a room

With a dog

And a candle

Kids upstairs 

Rain outside

I feel a gap

It’s all a game


Like this idea 

of me.

Who am I?

Each day I am different 

Changing, growing

Older, wiser, more wrinkled

More vulnerable 

less sure

Of anything

Of who

I think I am

The veil is thin

I fall away

And what is left

But experience 

Right now

From this place

No self

It’s all so fun

This life thing

So engaging, 








Who am I?

A verb

An action

Experience itself

not my body

Not my voice

Or personality 

Not my mind

Or feelings,

Or work

Or art

Though all these things

Help me receive

And express

The little slice

Of reality

That moves through me

If I let it

Who am I?

Am I life itself?


And if I grow

just a little bit

Or fall away some more

Perhaps I will

Be love


After that

I will 

Be one

With God

We’ll see

Who I really am

i hope