You know me / by renee mckenna

My friend

Family of choice

Sister of my heart

Companion of my soul 

30 years. 

You know me, 

That is good, but more than that

You grow me

Like mulch around a tree.  

You help me hold life's water and satiate my thirst

For being seen. 

You were there

When he lied to me

We made lasagna

For New Years

and the winter windows were wet from happy people laughing at our party. 

You were at my wedding

And the baptism of my first child.

We grow wrinkles together

And drink tea.

Years pass between cups that feel like days.

I love days with my friend, the sister of my heart. 

May we have many days

Before we are through with this life,

Before we are done growing,

Before we drink our final cup.