Women Rise / by renee mckenna

Women rise

From your comfortable beds

From your bleached blond heads

From your he said, she said.

Women rise

We need to hear your voice

We need to make some noise  

So we can have some choice

For the future

Women rise

Don't try to be a man

We need a feminine plan

You know together we can

Change the future. 

Women rise  

It's time to take a stand  

Hand in hand

To save our land

From the greed of man

Save the future. 

Women rise

To our God's we pray  

For strength and courage today

To have strong words to say

Speak truth to power or pay

With our future

Women Rise

The time is here

To leave the ocean of tears

And outgrow our fears

Of a thousand years

Make the future

Women Rise

Sing the songs of love

Praise the Lord above

Descending like a dove

On the future

Women rise

in equality

It's up to you and me

We can't sit quietly

Don't leave our destiny

Build the future

Women rise

Save the future