Chrysalis / by renee mckenna

In the in between 

Nothing certain

The path unclear

Old maps are useless

All that I used to grasp 

To feel secure



Has fallen away.

I’m left alone

In a small room

Clothes on a single shelf

Sleeping on a couch

Many have slept on


Cocoon like

I morph

hanging in a chrysalis 

Vulnerable yet safe

Surrendered to a process

I can’t really comprehend 

With no way out

But through

The caterpillar 

Cannot leave her silken tent

She cannot say,

“I quit, this is too hard”

And choose to stay a Crawling thing.

She has a destiny

And growing wings 

Is intense 

And takes time

And breaking out is painful 

And slow 

But she will emerge



Fully formed

And fly into the night 

Of her own destiny 

Seeking that

For which she was born

Ten days an egg

Two weeks to fatten Crawling on 16 legs

Three weeks enshrouded 


Five days a moth.

Five days a moth.

No mouth

She will not eat

Her sole purpose 

Find her passion 

And bring 

New life 

Into this world

Follow your passion

And bring new life

Into this world

Five days

We each get

Five days.

To live 

Our fullest form