Intention / by renee mckenna

Each day

an opportunity

for Grace

to guide my way.

Fear or faith

Fear or faith

Which will I choose

To hide

Or to be brave

Not alone

Never alone

A thousand million whispers

From a thousand million angels

We are with you


It cannot be otherwise

For we are One

You are loved

You are love

covered in skin

walking on two legs

Fear or faith

Fear or faith

You choose

Which Power you kneel to

Life or death

in each moment

we choose

Life or death

Of our hopes

Of our dreams

Of our deepest self

Do the scary thing

On your death bed

Will you wish

That you had played it safe

Fear or faith

It is better

To try and fail

Than to never

Try at all

Do the scary thing

You are never alone

Set you compass

Your intention

Is the map


is the destination

I can get there

From here

I know it

But only today


From here

Let’s go.